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Inspired By…Designs: Home Updates

clock || bar cart (HomeGoods find similar here) || vase || lucite tray || patterned pillow (old, similar here) || blue pillow (old, similar here) || couch || coffee table || shades || dining chairs 
This week has been a blur since we got stuck in Florida after the crazy snow storm that hit East Coast, so I apologize for the late post today! Here are some recent home updates that I wanted to share with you all and with these small tweaks/additions to our living room and dining room I think I am pretty much finished our lower two floors.  I have to tell you, that I am in love with these light woven wood shades I purchased from Overstock and I really love how they let in so much light, but also give us privacy since  these windows face the street.  They were an impulse purchase after searching for two months for custom window treatments and the price tag is really hard to beat.  If you saw this post from a few months ago, you will notice the dining chairs I had area really similar to these new ones from World Market, but these new chairs are much more sturdy and give that mid century modern touch I was looking for.  Now time to finish up the our shared office space upstairs!

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Friday Finds + Other Thoughts
Image Via
If you live on the East Cost between D.C. and New York you are all probably hunkering down for what is supposed to be the storm of the season.  While I am not complaining that my family and I are currently vacationing down in Florida (happy dance for warmer weather!), I am kind of sad I’m not home for all the snow.   
All this cold weather talk has me looking at all these cozy throw blankets online, that would be perfect for cozying up on the couch with a good book and some hot coco.  This tassel one has been in my on wish list for awhile because who doesn’t love a good tassel? 
Did you guys catch my family room makeover from earlier this week?  A few people have been asking about the prints on my wall that I got them from Minted.  I have ordered prints from Minted before that I used in Addi’s room, and I couldn’t be happier with my choices.  
Finally for anyone looking for some new workout gear to help them keep their 2016 resolution, or for those like me that spend most of their time in yoga pants and sneakers, Athleta has added some new items to their sale section.  Along with some new lounge pants, I have also scooped up these beauties that were originally on my Christmas list.  
I hope everyone stays safe and warm this weekend, and Happy Friday everyone! 

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Inspired By…Designs: Family Room Makeover

Feather Pillows || Blue + Pillows || Side Table || Art Prints || Bench (HomeGoods find, similar here) || Vase || Throw Blanket (HomeGoods find, similar here) || Coasters (old, similar here) || Gold Tray || Mug 
Last week I showed you all how my daughter’s play corner, and this week I’m excited to share with you how the rest of the room turned out.  One of my biggest challenges with this room is that the size and shape was a bit awkward, and it took a few tries to get all the furniture laid out just right.  Floating the couch in the middle of the room broke up the space and allowed me to fill in the empty areas around it.  My favorite part of this space is little bench area with these awesome prints from Minted that I hung above it.  Also did you know Minted now also makes other home decor items like pillows?  These feather print pillows add just the right touch to our space, and I am so impressed with the quality.  Now that this space is done it is time to put my feet up grab a hot cup of coffee and catch watch a few episodes of Parenthood (my new TV obsession). 

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Real Mom Talk: My Travel Checklist

1. || 2. || 3. || 4. || 5. || 6. || 7. || 8. || 9. || 10. || 11. || 12.  

We are headed to to Florida on our first real vacation as a family of three later this week and while we have taken plenty of weekend trips together this is the first time we won’t be able to pack the car full of all the essentials as well as the “what if” items for the baby.  Since I am already not the best packer for myself, and I also tend to go a bit overboard when packing things for Addi, the thought of walking through the airport with a ton of stuff and having to check unnecessary items is giving me a bit of anxiety.  While I am sure I am also making a big deal out of this I know I am not alone in these thoughts…right? Our biggest challenge was deciding what stroller to bring and then to check it or not the check it, but I think we finally settled on brining this umbrella stroller and gate check it, as well as take our carseat through security with us so it doesn’t get damaged. While I am brining some old reliables like this awesome diaper bag insert that I use in all my totes to make any bag perfect for baby items,  I also am super excited to get some good use out of this awesome travel high chair and put this app to use that a friend recommend so we don’t have to pack our monitor.  If anyone has any other tips for traveling with a little one I would really appreciate the advice so leave a comment below!  Wish us luck!

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Friday Finds + Other Thoughts
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The past few months I’ve been living my life on a pretty tight schedule.  Being a stay at home mom with Addi, and working on a new business venture, it’s pretty important we try to stick to meal times, nap times, time for play groups and play dates pretty closely so this mama is guaranteed to get her work in each day.  Luckily, she is also a great nighttime sleeper so I pretty much alway know after 8pm I can also get in some me time, or time with my husband when he gets home from work.  Which is why I thought it was about time I try and keep some kind of schedule for posting.  So today I bring you the first installment of “Friday Finds” which will be a little bit of what I’ve been reading, obsessing over and loving all week.  
When they first announced the pantone colors of 2016 I wasn’t so sure about them.  They just reminded me of baby blue and baby pink.  But, after searching around on Pinterest, I found some awesome images like this one and this one, and now I am trying to rack my brain about how I can incorporate rose quartz and serenity into our bedroom.
Since purchasing this wall tapestry for Addison’s play corner, I am pretty obsessed.  I want to place them all over my house.
Finally, I’m working on a list of “must have home decor items” and so far I think I’ve got great tips, but anyone that has a must have item in their home feel free to leave a comment below.  Happy Friday everyone and TGIF!

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Inspired By…Designs: Dreamy Play Corner






Wall Tapestry || “Play” Sign || Teepee || Basket (HomeGoods find, similar here) || Rug || Owl Print (HomeGoods find similar here) || Pillow 

Last week I let you in on my ideas to finish up Addi’s play corner in our family room and I am excited to say it is finally done!  While I really wish we had the space in our house for a whole playroom for her, I really couldn’t be happier with how this space turned out.  At first I thought the teepee was more for me than it was for her but I am very pleased to report that she has finally started exploring the space herself and I swear she would sit for hours, (ok maybe not hours, but for a good 20 minutes!) and play with all her toys.   While there is no hiding all the kiddo toys that have seemed to take over our house, we now have the perfect place for them to go.  Next week I’ll be sharing the rest of our family room so you can see how the whole space has really come together.

xo Ali
Friday Fashion: Keeping It Casual

Jeans  (on sale!)|| Booties || Sunglasses || Blanket Scarf (old, similar here) || Sweater 
The temperatures have finally started to drop (although they are supposed to rise again this weekend), and I have not left my house without this scarf all week!  It has been a winter staple of mine for the past few years and it’s great with with a jacket or just thrown over your shoulders to keep you warm.

  This week also meant getting back into the swing of things after the holidays and while it can be hard, there is also something exciting about starting a new year with endless possibilities.  With the new year you will also see some new series coming to the blog, so stay tuned. If you have any suggestions on posts feel free to leave them below.  Happy Friday everyone!

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Inspired By… Designs: Addi’s Nursery

Addi’s Outfit: Dress || Headband || Shoes 

My Outfit: Jeans || Sweater (sold out, similar here)
I’ve been getting a lot of questions about  my daughter Addi’s nursery so I thought it was about time I posted about it. First, let me say that I love Addi’s room.  I love how the light streams in in the afternoon, and how it’s definitely a girls’ room without being overly “girly” or “frilly”.  While I was pregnant each time a new piece was placed in the room it made me more and more excited to finally bring her home. Now that my little munchkin is almost 8 months old (seriously!?), I have loved all the time we have spent in her room playing, reading stories and singing nighttime lullabies.  My favorite part about this space is that it is definitely a good mix of affordable pieces (like these from Target, or this from Etsy), and some pieces that I know she will follow her as she grows (like this dresser from West Elm). If we ever move out of this house this room will be hard to top!  
Love this nursery design, or need some design help in your home?  Head over to my “contact” page to inquire about my e-design services and pricing

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New Year: Home Update
Play Corner: Teepee || Baskets || Stool || Wall Tapestry || “Play” Sign 
There is no better feeling than when you are able to cross something off your “to-do” list.  For me, that “to-do” list includes putting the finishing touches on our home.  Our family room/den was finished right before Addi was born and at the time, all I cared about was making sure the walls were enclosed and the paint was dry before I got my newborn baby home from the hospital.  Since we spend most of our time as a family in this room we have also made a play corner for Addi, that way we can keep an eye on her at all times.  So far, I am loving how the space has been coming together, especially in Addi’s little corner.  I cannot wait for this “play” sign to arrive so I can hang it on the wall along with these awesome wall tapestries I found at Target.  On the adult side of the room my favorite new additions have to be these prints from Minted.  Once everything is in the room, I’ll be sure to share some photos along with photos of other minor updates we have done around the house.  Next on my list, putting the finishing touches on our master bedroom!

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