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This weekend was so special for our family because our little baby girl turned one and I cannot believe a a whole year has passed since we brought our tiny baby home from the hospital.  We celebrated her big day on Friday with our family, pizza and of course cupcakes, and just like her mama Addison LOVES a god cupcake!
Next month we will be having a bigger celebration with our family and friends, and I am so looking forward to celebrating our sweet baby girl.  While I haven’t picked a real “theme” for the party, I am going to be using some festive decorations in a pink and gold color palette.  So, I have rounded up some affordable and fun decorations from two of my favorite online stores to shop for party decor, Target and Etsy.  And, don’t worry, if you are looking for some alternative colors to pink, most of these options come in blues, greens, purples and really any color you can think of.  I hope everyone had a great weekend, happy Sunday! 

xo Ali