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Wednesday Wish List: Post Pregnancy Additions


With the holiday weekend coming up it’s hard to believe summer is fast approaching.  For our little family that also means only a few more weeks until our newest addition arrives and our worlds are changed for the better.  Officially, I have just over two months left, but since I am already being induced early, and baby girl is measuring between two and three weeks ahead, it’s looking like I have somewhere between six and seven weeks left to go, but if this baby girl is anything like her sister she will probably take her sweet ol’ time no matter what my doctor and I decide.

 As far as I’m concerned I have hit the stage in my pregnancy where the bump is just getting out of control and some days I feel like I just want to wear an oversized shirt and my husbands sweatpants and call it a day.  So, while finding outfits for right now is not so fun, looking for some new summer additions to my wardrobe for post baby has been one of my go to ways to pass the time (my life is so exciting…i know).  From what I remember with Addison, post pregnancy I just wanted to be in all the lose fitting,  outfits I could find.  So dresses like this have been high on my wish list.  I have also had my eye on this striped number and a few days ago I preordered it and can’t wait to try it on post baby.   Since my family also spends a lot of time at our beach house in the summer not wearing a bathing suit is probably not an option, so a cute colorful one piece is a must.  What items are on your summer wish list?  Leave your recommendations below I can’t wait to check them out!

xo Ali

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Mother’s Day Celebrations With Janie and Jack

My Dress: ASOS || My Shoes: Madewell

Addison’s Dress, shoes, bow and sunglasses: c/o Janie and Jack 


I cannot believe it is almost the middle of May let alone almost Mother’s Day.  What is even more unbelievable is that tomorrow my baby girl will be turning TWO.  At this time two years ago I was already laying in a hospital bed thinking our newest family member would be arriving soon.  Well, she had her own plans decided to make us wait just a bit longer, but knowing how she is now I am no longer surprised by this.

The year Addison was born Mother’s Day was the weekend before she actually arrived, and I remember it still feeling very surreal that I was actually going to be a mom.  We celebrated the day like we had many times before, with both my family and my husbands, but this time I was included in the gift and card exchanges.  It was even more strange because she wasn’t even here yet but everyone kept telling me that you are a mom from the moment you find out you are pregnant not just when the baby arrives and looking back now I cannot agree more.

I’ve always thought it was a little odd to just celebrate moms one day of the year.  I mean, most of us can agree that without your mom life would just not happen as smoothly as it does.  As a kid you never really understand exactly what your mom does, but now that I am older, and a mom myself, I realize a mom is not only “mom” but she’s so much more.  In one day she can accomplish what others might take a week to accomplish and she does it because she loves her family and would do anything for them.  This year I hope you take the time to tell your mom, grandmother, aunt, or special person in your life that has filled the role of mom, exactly how you feel.  You’d be surprised how much a little “thank you” or “I love you” can really mean to someone.

Since this weekend is filled with special celebrations that is as good of an excuse as any to get a little more dressed up than usual…right?  Addison tends to give me a bit of a hard time when it comes to “dressing up”, but when she saw this dress from Janie and Jack she ran over to it and said “Mama pretty!” So, using the excitement to my advantage I changed her into it and to my surprise she even stood still when I was clipping the bow in her hair and I know there are other moms and can relate to a squirmy kid when trying to comb or put up their hair!  Once we put on the shoes I could not believe how grown up she looked.  There is no more baby in her and she is all energetic toddler, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.   I’m pretty sure we will be recreating this look at some point this weekend because it is just so darn cute.

  So, to all the moms out there make sure you get a day of extra kiddo hugs and snuggles and even a little bit of pampering (think breakfast in bed?!).  In my opinion life as a mom is pretty much as good as it gets.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!

xo Ali

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Pregnancy Thus Far…

I’ve been on the fence about writing this type of post for a while, but the more I thought about it, I shared my sorrow with you all when I miscarried last year and then shared the joy of finding out we were pregnant again earlier this year, so it only seemed appropriate I share with you my thoughts about not only this pregnancy, but what it has been like for me to get pregnant again after a miscarriage and finally what it’s like being a high risk pregnancy due to being a Type 1 diabetic since I was six. This is probably one of the longest posts you will ever read on here, but my hope is that someone can relate, some mom or mom to be will know that they aren’t alone in all the crazy feelings and emotions that are wrapped up when you are doing one of the most important and nerve-wracking things one can do in their lifetime.

Let me start by talking a little bit about being a diabetic.  I’ve been a diabetic for over 20 years and over the past few years I have found myself talking about it more than I ever have.  Growing up my friends just knew about my diabetes, there was no need to explain what low blood sugar was, or why I couldn’t have that Halloween candy, because they just knew.  As I have gotten older and I have met new people, whether it be in Addison’s mommy and me class, or from working on various projects for work, I feel like I am constantly sharing that I wear an insulin pump, or another device called a continuous glucose monitor that helps me keep track of my blood sugars.  Sometimes people feel a little sorry for me because they cannot imagine what it’s like to constantly carb count, or prick your finger multiple times a day, or worry that unpredicted high blood sugar can send you to the hospital, but I have never felt sorry for myself.  This is a part of who I am and learning about dealing with my illness has made me who I am today and in a weird way it has made me more confident and independent.

Currently I am very controlled when it comes to my diabetes.  My levels rivaling those that doesn’t have diabetes, but it hasn’t always been that way.  It really wasn’t until I was trying to get pregnant the first time around that I realized I needed to get my act together and really start to take care of myself.  All of a sudden it wasn’t just about my health, but it was about the health of someone else and I would never forgive myself if it didn’t do everything in my power to make sure my baby was born happy and healthy.

Being pregnant takes a toll on your body even if you are the healthiest, fittest person there is and the moment you get a positive pregnancy test there is enough uncertainty to make anyone start to worry just a little bit and when you have a chronic disease that adds a whole new level of stress and worry to the equation.  When I was pregnant with Addison I was doing everything right, and preparing by monitoring my blood sugars even more closely than before and heading to my endocrinologist on a more regular basis.  Once I actually became pregnant I had even more doctor’s visits (once a month instead of once every 4-6) and I would test my blood sugar obsessively just to make sure things were going as they should.  In the end it all paid off our baby girl was born happy and healthy with no issues and I knew I did everything I could to keep her safe.

After my miscarriage in June, I couldn’t help but think it had something to do with higher glucose levels or that we weren’t planning that pregnancy and if we were I would have been monitoring things more closely.  In the end I know it was none of those things but just part of God’s greater plan.  So, when about five months later I found out I was pregnant with our rainbow baby you can imagine my mix of emotions.  I was incredibly happy and incredibly scared all at the same time. I know that anyone that has suffered a loss of a child, whether it be at 6 weeks or 40 weeks knows exactly what I am talking about.   After having a miscarriage, as crazy as it might sound, I literally thought that any little thing could make me lose this baby and that wasn’t going to happen.  This time things were going to go smoothly and I was going to make sure I did everything right.  But, as usual, life had a different plan for me because this time around my morning sickness hit an all time high, which is only more dangerous when you are a diabetic.  Keeping any kind of food down was pretty impossible from about week six to week 14, but luckily with the help of amazing doctors I got through it and I’m sure I would do it all again if it meant in the end i would get a baby.  This also taught me that not everything is your fault.  Some things just happen and the only thing you can do is work through them and hope and pray tomorrow is better, because more often than not it usually is.

Ok, now on to how this pregnancy has actually been going.  All in all I really have no huge complaints.  The morning sickness in the first trimester was definitely unpleasant and not without it scary moments, but that seems like a lifetime ago now!  Since about week 14 or 15 I really have felt great. This time around I feel like things are happening sooner than than before.  My belly popped earlier, this baby is hanging out a little lower in my belly, and this little girl better be a gymnast because there is not 15 minutes that go by that I don’t feel a kick, jab or what I can only assume is a  summersault.   Being a high risk pregnancy isn’t all terrible.  Yes, I have to get induced at 39 weeks if not before, and yes I have to get a ton of extra blood draws and have probably 3x if not more doctor’s appointment than the regular person, but that also means I get to check in on my little nugget more often.  I get to hear her heartbeat and see her on sonograms on a pretty regular basis.  Starting next week I’ll go in 1-2 times a week for a sonogram which definitely puts my mind at ease as we head down the home stretch.   At almost 30 weeks pregnant I am now just getting anxious for our little girl to arrive.  I find myself thinking about what life is going to be like in a few short months as we transition from a family of three to a family of four.  Sometimes it makes me sad that Addison won’t be my “baby” anymore, but then my husband kindly reminds me that even at 25 she will still be my baby, and it’s so true.  I’m excited to have these two girls grow up together and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Like I said before I wanted to share all these crazy thoughts because I hope someone can relate.  Every new mom or mom to be has a million crazy, irrational, highly emotional thoughts that run through their brain all day everyday, it’s hard not to.  I also realize that there are many more women out there whose journey has been longer and tougher than mine, and I have to say all of you have helped to give me hope and strength to move forward with my journey.  Being a mom definitely isn’t what I expected and I you asked me 10 years ago what my life would be like today I would have painted you a very different picture, but today, at this moment I feel like one of the luckiest people in the world :).  xoxoxo

xo Ali
Mother’s Day Gift Guide


 one || two || three || four || five || six || seven || eight || nine || ten || eleven || twelve


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, but now that it’s Monday it’s time to get focused and ready for the week ahead!  We have a really exciting week in store because Addison is turing two on Saturday and we get to continue the celebrations with family celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday  I cannot believe my little girl is almost TWO and that she will be a big sister very soon.  I go through mixed emotions, but mostly thank God every day that I get to call this adorable, spunky, strong willed, smart girl my daughter.  Seriously, where does time go!?

If you are like me and feel like time just snuck up on you and still have yet to purchase the perfect gift for Mom, it’s time to get down to business and palace that online order (luckily two day shipping has our backs!).  I’ve rounded up some of the top items on my list this year including these PJ’s you all loved when I posted them on Instagram a few weeks ago.   With baby number two arriving later this summer I have also had my eye on this adorable personalized bracelet.  This would be the perfect gift for any new mom or new grandma if you have it engraved with the names of their new baby or grandchild.  While Mother’s Day isn’t about how many gifts you can get mom, even the smallest gift can be a grand gesture and the first step in telling them just how much they mean to you and how you truly appreciate all they do for you.  In our household I know that Addison, my husband and I would be seriously lost without her gram and grandma because it really does take a village even when you only have one kid!

How are you all celebrating this weekend, feel free to leave your Mother’s Day traditions in the comments below!


xo Ali

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Our Bath Time Routine With Mustela

Mustela Products : c/o Mustela || Addi’s Robe: Land Of Nod

Since the day we brought Addison home from the hospital I have been on the hunt for skin and bath products that work well with her skin.  She has always had combination skin (like her mama), sometimes dry and definitely on the more sensitive side.  I ways always afraid to try something new in fear that it would cause some kind of crazy reaction.   And, from talking to other new moms I know I wasn’t the only one with this concern.

At my baby shower I received a basket of Mustela products so it was one of the first brands I tried on my little babe.  I was immediately in love with the way it made her skin feel and as an extra bonus it has a smell that just reminds of “clean and fresh.”  Now that Addison is almost two, we still use the 2 – in – 1 wash and the hydra bebe body cream on a regular basis.  My little lady is just in love with baths and showers, she is definitely my water baby and doesn’t care if the water comes in the form of a tub, shower head or pool.  Each night after dinner we ask her “are you ready for your bath?” She usually screams “yesssss batthhhhhh!”  We head upstairs and get all her rubber ducks and bath toys out and start the process.  Sometimes, if my husband cooked dinner I’ll let him take charge of bath time while I clean up, but most nights we are up there together watching her splash around and play.  It’s too adorable to miss.

 While I’ve tried other skin products on Addison, I always find myself coming back to the brand we love.  I also know that when baby #2 arrives later this summer, her changing table will be filled with little blue and white bottles because once you find something you love why mess with a  good thing?

xo Ali

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Pops Of Blue With Islefield

Scarf: c/o IsleField || Jacket: BB Dakota || T-Shirt: Old Navy || Jeans : J.Crew (old, similar maternity style here) || Bag: Celine (another similar option here) || Sunglasses: Le Specs || Shoes: Joie (Heeled version here)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We are getting back into the swing of things after spending a few days away watching one of my best friends marry her best friend.  It was a beautiful weekend and I cannot believe it is already over.  Now it’s time to get back to reality right?

I feel like a broken record saying this again but the weather promises to actually warm up and I am really hoping this time it’s true. We’ve had a few nice days here and there but then the rain and chilly weather returns, ugh.  Even though the temperature has only been reaching 50 degrees or so that hasn’t stopped me from wearing all of my favorite spring clothes, including these white jeans and this new scarf from Islefield.  I was introduced to the Islefield brand recently, but since receiving this scarf I have gone out of my way to pair it with some of my favorite outfits, and with Mother’s Day fast approaching it would definitely make a great gift for your mom, wife or special women in your life as a way to say thank you for everything they do. It comes in a few different colors and there a few different styles so you definitely need to head over to the Islefield site and while there definitly browse the rest of the site, because there are few items I can see myself wearing well into the summer months.

Don’t forget, since this is also #MommyMonday head over to see how my other favorite, and fashionable, mammas have styled their scarves:






And, as a little treat for our readers use code JUST4MOM to get $100 off any purchase of $250 or more.  Happy shopping!


xo Ali

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