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The Stylish Mama’s Guide To The Holidays: Gift Guide For The Guys

Is it just me or is buying gifts for the men in your life always so hard?  I’m not sure why, but every time I ask my husband, dad or brother what they want for a birthday or for Christmas I always get the same answer, “I don’t know.” I like to think of gifts that are meaningful or will be used by them, and not just something that will sit in their office or closet.

One thing I think all the guys in my life can agree on is that they love being pampered…even if it’s just a little :).  My dad in particular is someone who loves trying new products, if you look in his bathroom cabinet it is always filled with a ton of items that are only slightly used.  When I received these Fulton & Roark items in the mail I immediately thought of him and how much he would love them.  However, when the package arrived and my husband saw what they were he was more than happy to be the guinea pig and try them out.  He loved them all, but mostly loved the way the After Shave Cloths felt.  I loved that they were compact so we could toss them in our carry on if we were traveling or taking a road trip.  So, needless to say I think I’ll be buying a few more items for the guys on my list this holiday season.  Want to try Fulton & Roark for yourself use code MOMMYMONDAY15 for 15% off your next purcahsed, because who doesn’t love a good deal during the holidays?

Anyway, if you are in the same boat as me here and trying to find the perfect present for the guys in your life, here are some other options that will be sure to please even the pickiest of people.  I have already scooped up a few of these for my husband and I hope is is excited to find them under the tree on Christmas morning.

Luggage || Fulton & Roark Set || Sunglasses || Shoes || Tie || Watch || Headphones || Leather Kit ||Sweater 


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(Thank you Fulton & Roark for sending these amazing products.  All thoughts are my own!)

xo Ali

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Holiday Gift Guide Under $50


 1. || 2. || 3. || 4. || 5. || 6. || 7. || 8. || 9. || 10.


It’s been a whirlwind of a long weekend over here and I’m glad to finally be coming up for air.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our family and the celebrations didn’t end on Thursday since we had family visiting from out of town.  On top of the much needed family time, trying to keep up with all the amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals was totally insane!  My goal was to get ALL my holiday shopping done by today and I am 95% done…so I call that a victory!

If you still have shopping left to do, don’t worry, there are still tons of sales still going on, and there is plenty of time to check everyone off your holiday list.  My latest round-up of holiday items is perfect for your BFF, the party hostess, or really anyone you are shopping for and the best part is everything is under $50!  A few of my favorites include the cozy sherpa cardigan, and the body lotion from Colleen Rothschild. Finding the perfect gift doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, it’s really the thought that counts…right?!

In the spirit of holidays I’ve teamed up with my favorite mom bloggers and Colleen Rothschild to give away $200 worth of product to one lucky winner.  All you have to do is enter the giveaway by following the instructions below.  Good luck!

WIDGET: a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The Stylish Mama’s Guide To The Holidays: Colleen Rothschild

Happy Monday everyone!  We are t-minus four days until Turkey day which means we are so close to getting all the holiday decor up at my house.  We have an unspoken rule over here that our Christmas decorations don’t go up until after Thanksgiving but believe me when Friday comes the holiday tunes will be cranked up and we will be like little elves getting all set up.

Just because we aren’t decorated for Christmas doesn’t mean the weather hasn’t starting taking a turn for the cold…freezing cold if I am being honest.  And, as always, with the change of season comes a big change in my skin.  I am by no means a beauty expert, far from it in fact, but I am someone who has very sensitive, very temperamental skin.  Add postpartum pregnancy hormones on top of my already combination skin and it’s just all kinds of crazy.


I was only recently introduced to Colleen Rothschild’s skincare brand so I was a little hesitant to try something new in fear I would have a bad reaction.  I eased into the line with choosing to try the Nourishing Body Lotion.  It is soft and silky and I really made my very dry hands and elbows feel soft after just a few applications.

The next two products I wanted to try were a little more geared towards the fact that my skin is a sometimes oily, sometimes dry and am constantly dealing with breakouts.  Her Clarifying Detox Mask.  It is super thick but feels very luxurious when applying it to your face.  I have to say, it was just what my very tired, very warn face needed to a little pick me up.

Finally, the last product I tried was pretty much love at first try.  Like I have mentioned before I have always suffered with acne and I am always up to try something to try and tone down and spots and scars from years of not taking care of my skin properly.  The Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum has already started to improve the look and feel of my skin and I know in the coming weeks it will probably look even better.  I will be sure to keep you posted!

It is safe to say I am a convert and can’t wait to try a few more products.  If you are looking to get your holiday shopping started early or want to treat yourself to a few gifts of your own, Colleen Rothschild  is starting their Black Friday sale early and you can get 30% off site wide starting today with code BFRI30.  You don’t want to miss out on this.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide


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I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, but now that it’s Monday it’s time to get focused and ready for the week ahead!  We have a really exciting week in store because Addison is turing two on Saturday and we get to continue the celebrations with family celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday  I cannot believe my little girl is almost TWO and that she will be a big sister very soon.  I go through mixed emotions, but mostly thank God every day that I get to call this adorable, spunky, strong willed, smart girl my daughter.  Seriously, where does time go!?

If you are like me and feel like time just snuck up on you and still have yet to purchase the perfect gift for Mom, it’s time to get down to business and palace that online order (luckily two day shipping has our backs!).  I’ve rounded up some of the top items on my list this year including these PJ’s you all loved when I posted them on Instagram a few weeks ago.   With baby number two arriving later this summer I have also had my eye on this adorable personalized bracelet.  This would be the perfect gift for any new mom or new grandma if you have it engraved with the names of their new baby or grandchild.  While Mother’s Day isn’t about how many gifts you can get mom, even the smallest gift can be a grand gesture and the first step in telling them just how much they mean to you and how you truly appreciate all they do for you.  In our household I know that Addison, my husband and I would be seriously lost without her gram and grandma because it really does take a village even when you only have one kid!

How are you all celebrating this weekend, feel free to leave your Mother’s Day traditions in the comments below!


xo Ali

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Our Bath Time Routine With Mustela

Mustela Products : c/o Mustela || Addi’s Robe: Land Of Nod

Since the day we brought Addison home from the hospital I have been on the hunt for skin and bath products that work well with her skin.  She has always had combination skin (like her mama), sometimes dry and definitely on the more sensitive side.  I ways always afraid to try something new in fear that it would cause some kind of crazy reaction.   And, from talking to other new moms I know I wasn’t the only one with this concern.

At my baby shower I received a basket of Mustela products so it was one of the first brands I tried on my little babe.  I was immediately in love with the way it made her skin feel and as an extra bonus it has a smell that just reminds of “clean and fresh.”  Now that Addison is almost two, we still use the 2 – in – 1 wash and the hydra bebe body cream on a regular basis.  My little lady is just in love with baths and showers, she is definitely my water baby and doesn’t care if the water comes in the form of a tub, shower head or pool.  Each night after dinner we ask her “are you ready for your bath?” She usually screams “yesssss batthhhhhh!”  We head upstairs and get all her rubber ducks and bath toys out and start the process.  Sometimes, if my husband cooked dinner I’ll let him take charge of bath time while I clean up, but most nights we are up there together watching her splash around and play.  It’s too adorable to miss.

 While I’ve tried other skin products on Addison, I always find myself coming back to the brand we love.  I also know that when baby #2 arrives later this summer, her changing table will be filled with little blue and white bottles because once you find something you love why mess with a  good thing?

xo Ali

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Falling In Love With ThirdLove

Bra: c/0 ThirdLove || Robe: Pink Blush (another great option here)

I’ve never been terribly concerned about finding a bra that fits and I always just seemed to find one that was “good enough” or worked. I know a large part of that has to do with the fact I am smaller chested, and even though many might see that as a negative, I have always loved it.  However, since becoming pregnant for the second time I can honestly say finding supportive, comfortable and pretty undergarments has been a huge challenge.

I actually heard about ThirdLove from my mom and when I received their 24/7 classic t-shirt bra in the mail to try I was excited to see if it was as amazing as everyone said.  I can honestly say I have yet to find a bra that is as comfortable and stylish as this one.  The fit isn’t the only thing I love about this bra, the little gold details, small ruffles on the straps, and fun vibrant purple color make a simple bra even better. All of their bras also come in half sizes because as I am learning, not everyone can fit in the standard cup sizes.   I am also have a huge soft spot in my heart for a company that gives back and while you can read more about ThirdLove’s mission on their website they have donated more than $1 million in bras to women in need since 2013.  Pretty amazing.

You can shop some of my other favorite styles below or visit to try out a bra for free!

xo Ali

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My Post Baby Skin Care Routine
I have suffered my whole life with less than perfect skin. In my teen years my skin was very oily and I got constant breakouts.  Then in college, after years of dermatologist visits, my skin seemed to normalize.  I’d get an occasional blemish and breakout, but nothing I couldn’t handle.  Just when I thought I had it all figured out I hit my 20’s and all of a sudden my face started break out again.  Not just small breakouts but crazy acne and I all of a sudden I felt like my 13 year old self again.  Fast forward a few years and a bunch of different combos of prescription treatments later I was starting to love my skin again.  Then I got pregnant and at first nothing changed, but once I hit my second trimester I felt like my skin had taken a serious turn for the worse.
Now, almost nine months post baby, I feel like my once pretty oily skin has turned somewhat dry and  lifeless. While used to get breakouts along my t-zone area I am now finding I get tiny little bumps down by my chin.  So,  few weeks ago I decided it was time I change things up and took a ride to my local Sephora.  After almost an hour at the store with one of the makeup artists I left feeling like I had not only some great new color products but a great moisturizer set that has been doing wonders for my complexion.  I know a skincare routine is a very personal thing, but here is what is in my beauty arsenal as of late:
Aveno Blemish Control: I love this scrub because I really feel like it is taking away the dead dry skin while keeping my blemishes in check. I used to use really harsh benzyol peroxide based products but now product is a great alternative for me.

Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation: I am in love with this cream!  While it is still oil-free I love how my skin absorbs this day cream.  At $65 it’s not super cheap, but as far as skin creams go it’s not super expensive either.
Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Cream: Confession, I have never used a night cream before, but after using this product for a few weeks I am a total convert.  After the first week I saw the dry patches on my skin start to disappear, and I also saw the clogged pores by my chin go away.  This product also comes in a night treatment, but having to apply one product to my face instead of two after cleansing at night saves me a few minutes before bed.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Super Charged Foundation: I was a little skeptical when the sales associate pulled this product for me since I didn’t even know Marc Jacobs had a beauty line. This oil free foundation is one of the first I have tried that offers pretty great coverage.  It lasts around 8 hours without having to touch it up much, which is great for a mom on the go.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(Marc)able Full Coverage Concealer: Most days I use this to cover up the bags under my eyes and the few small blemishes on my face.  It has great coverage and a little goes a long way.

Kat Von D Two Tone Blush: Out of all the brands out there I would have never chosen this line or color combination but I couldn’t be happier with the overall look.  The darker shade on the pallete gives your cheeks a great pop of color while the lighter shade highlights your cheeks bones.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara: I have small stumpy eyelashes and I have pretty much tried every mascara wand out there.  After just one stroke I can really see my lashes pop and as an added bonus it doesn’t smudge so you don’t end up with black under your eyes.

Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick: Typically I only wear lipstick when I’m out for a night with my girlfriends or my husband, but I wanted to find a color that I could wear on a daily basis without looking like I am trying too hard.  I opted for the Dusty Rose by Bite and it gives me that little something extra to make me look pulled together.

xo Ali