picture frame || bookends (similar here) || books (similar here) ||  paperweight || gold tray 
When I style and furnish a space one I am constantly reminding myself that the space not only has to look pretty but it also has to serve a purpose.  Bookshelves are a great way to add storage and style to a space without much effort.  Here are a few rules I try to keep in mind when styling shelves for myself or a client:
1. Create a space that pops: We recently had built-ins installed in our den and initially I was toying with the idea of a pretty patterned wallpaper along the back of the shelves to add some contrast to the space.  But eventually, I landed on this lovely gray color that makes the white shelves pop
2. Just because something doesn’t look super pretty, doesn’t mean it has to be hidden: My husband is constantly reading, and I was tired of trying to find a space to leave books that were in the way.  So, what better accessory to put on a book shelf but…books!  Even if the bindings or covers aren’t “pretty” turn the books around to give the shelf a minimalist look
3. Perfect place for precious memories: We have a few spots on our shelves where we have photos in various sizes.  I am a big believer that family and special photos should be displayed all around your house.  
4. The same but different: I love creating varying heights by placing books horizontally and vertically.  Top off horizontal placed books with a paperweight, or a fun “knick knack.”  But always remember, carry one aspect of the design throughout all the shelves.  For us, that was placing a gold liquor tray at the top of every section.  It created a uniform look without having each shelf styled the same way. 

xo Ali