|| Desk Lamp || File Folders || Desk (similar here) || Rug
One of the last projects I have to tackle at home is reorganizing/redecorating the now joint office space I share with my husband.  With both of us working from home quite a bit, an office is pretty much a necessity.  Prior to Addison being born I used the spare bedroom as my office, and my husband had an office “nook” in the den.  Once the baby arrived, we both decided a joint office would be a better use of our space.  Right now we are using part of the office as “storage” but I can’t wait to really make this room a place that inspires creativity, and productivity.  We currently have our desks (this one and this one), chairs and this rug, but other than that it’s a blank room.  By keeping the furniture white, and the desk chairs the same, I think I can make his side feel a bit more masculine and keep side feeling light and feminine, while making sure the two sides work together. These ideas are just a start, and I’m sure they will change along the way, but it does get me excited to get this project rolling!
xo Ali