One of the reasons I love our living room is that it is easy reorganize whenever I get the itch to change things up.  So, depending on the time of year, or if we are hosting family and friends at our house, our coffee table always looks a little different. Right now I am in the process of changing out some of the more neutral items to some that are more holiday specific, but I always have a few rules of thumb that I live by:

1. Keep your items organized:  No one wants to walk into a room and see things scattered about (though lets be honest…no one lives in a clean house ALL the time!).  One of my favorite items on our coffee table is this lucite tray.  It keeps all our objects and trinkets neat and tidy.  

2. Rule of Three: One of the first things I learned in design school is most things go better in three.  Three points of light in a room, three styles of pillow on a couch etc.  The same goes with stacking coffee table books. More than two and it looks like too much, and less than three looks like you are missing something. 

3. Hidden surprises: I love using stackable boxes to hide fun little surprises.  Since my husband and I have somewhat of a sweet tooth, those surprises usually come in the form of candy.  Most likely your guests will enjoy this as well!

4. Have Fun: Like any other room in your home this space should say something about you. Our family isn’t very formal, and therefore none of the rooms in our house give off that vibe, especially this room that is right off of our kitchen.  Your best bet is to display books that you enjoy, or small moments from trips you have taken so you can let your personality shine through.

Coffee Table Books: Decorate // Chanel // Allegra Hicks 
Lucite Tray // Round Object // Gold Deer Head // Magnifying Glass (similar here)
xo Ali