Stockings || Stocking Holders || Nutcracker: World Market sold out, similar here || 
Wreath || Flower Vase || Wrapping Paper: Homegoods find, similar here 

Since I was little, Christmas has always been a big deal at our house.  Nutcrackers, wreaths and festive garland all seemed to appear out of nowhere, and even our dinner plates were swapped out for something more festive.  Now that I have my own little family, I am determined to create the same magical traditions for our daughter that my parents created for me.  That’s why this year I enjoyed decorating our house even more than in years past. While I know Addi is still much to young to remember the ornaments on the tree or which of the nutcrackers is her dad’s favorite, her Dad and I will remember this as the first Christmas with our baby girl.

While Christmas is only a little over a week away, there is still plenty of time to get your house holiday ready.  Here are some quick and easy tips I’ve used this year:

1. Personalize Your Space:  Our tree is nothing special, but the ornaments that fill its branches are all special to us.  Yes, we have pretty glass ornaments here and there, but most of the ornaments are hand me downs from our parents, or ones Brian and I have picked up along the way since we have been together.  Everyone’s family has that box of decorations they no longer use, so why not dust it off and see what’s inside.

2. Flowers + Fresh Greens: I love, love, love fresh flowers and plants in my home and this time of year is no different, they instantly add color and life to any space.  My favorite place to get fresh flowers…Costco.  Seriously, they always last the longest and seem to look the prettiest when I put them in a vase.  So head over to your favorite wholesale store and pick up a bunch or two, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Be Subtle:  It doesn’t need to look like the holidays exploded in your home.  A wreath or two, some packages wrapped in fun wrapping paper and some pretty candles should really be all you need to get your home in the holiday spirit.  If you are are like me, you may want to ad a reindeer statue or two, but that’s completely up to you!

4. Buy For Next Year: With only a week or so until Christmas morning you will start to see some of your favorite Christmas items start to plummet in price.  If you aren’t set on having it for this year’s Christmas, you can certainly get it in time for next year.  I got these stocking holders on MAJOR sale last year and couldn’t be happier!

xo Ali