Play Corner: Teepee || Baskets || Stool || Wall Tapestry || “Play” Sign 
There is no better feeling than when you are able to cross something off your “to-do” list.  For me, that “to-do” list includes putting the finishing touches on our home.  Our family room/den was finished right before Addi was born and at the time, all I cared about was making sure the walls were enclosed and the paint was dry before I got my newborn baby home from the hospital.  Since we spend most of our time as a family in this room we have also made a play corner for Addi, that way we can keep an eye on her at all times.  So far, I am loving how the space has been coming together, especially in Addi’s little corner.  I cannot wait for this “play” sign to arrive so I can hang it on the wall along with these awesome wall tapestries I found at Target.  On the adult side of the room my favorite new additions have to be these prints from Minted.  Once everything is in the room, I’ll be sure to share some photos along with photos of other minor updates we have done around the house.  Next on my list, putting the finishing touches on our master bedroom!

xo Ali