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We are headed to to Florida on our first real vacation as a family of three later this week and while we have taken plenty of weekend trips together this is the first time we won’t be able to pack the car full of all the essentials as well as the “what if” items for the baby.  Since I am already not the best packer for myself, and I also tend to go a bit overboard when packing things for Addi, the thought of walking through the airport with a ton of stuff and having to check unnecessary items is giving me a bit of anxiety.  While I am sure I am also making a big deal out of this I know I am not alone in these thoughts…right? Our biggest challenge was deciding what stroller to bring and then to check it or not the check it, but I think we finally settled on brining this umbrella stroller and gate check it, as well as take our carseat through security with us so it doesn’t get damaged. While I am brining some old reliables like this awesome diaper bag insert that I use in all my totes to make any bag perfect for baby items,  I also am super excited to get some good use out of this awesome travel high chair and put this app to use that a friend recommend so we don’t have to pack our monitor.  If anyone has any other tips for traveling with a little one I would really appreciate the advice so leave a comment below!  Wish us luck!

xo Ali