I have suffered my whole life with less than perfect skin. In my teen years my skin was very oily and I got constant breakouts.  Then in college, after years of dermatologist visits, my skin seemed to normalize.  I’d get an occasional blemish and breakout, but nothing I couldn’t handle.  Just when I thought I had it all figured out I hit my 20’s and all of a sudden my face started break out again.  Not just small breakouts but crazy acne and I all of a sudden I felt like my 13 year old self again.  Fast forward a few years and a bunch of different combos of prescription treatments later I was starting to love my skin again.  Then I got pregnant and at first nothing changed, but once I hit my second trimester I felt like my skin had taken a serious turn for the worse.
Now, almost nine months post baby, I feel like my once pretty oily skin has turned somewhat dry and  lifeless. While used to get breakouts along my t-zone area I am now finding I get tiny little bumps down by my chin.  So,  few weeks ago I decided it was time I change things up and took a ride to my local Sephora.  After almost an hour at the store with one of the makeup artists I left feeling like I had not only some great new color products but a great moisturizer set that has been doing wonders for my complexion.  I know a skincare routine is a very personal thing, but here is what is in my beauty arsenal as of late:
Aveno Blemish Control: I love this scrub because I really feel like it is taking away the dead dry skin while keeping my blemishes in check. I used to use really harsh benzyol peroxide based products but now product is a great alternative for me.

Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation: I am in love with this cream!  While it is still oil-free I love how my skin absorbs this day cream.  At $65 it’s not super cheap, but as far as skin creams go it’s not super expensive either.
Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Cream: Confession, I have never used a night cream before, but after using this product for a few weeks I am a total convert.  After the first week I saw the dry patches on my skin start to disappear, and I also saw the clogged pores by my chin go away.  This product also comes in a night treatment, but having to apply one product to my face instead of two after cleansing at night saves me a few minutes before bed.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Super Charged Foundation: I was a little skeptical when the sales associate pulled this product for me since I didn’t even know Marc Jacobs had a beauty line. This oil free foundation is one of the first I have tried that offers pretty great coverage.  It lasts around 8 hours without having to touch it up much, which is great for a mom on the go.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(Marc)able Full Coverage Concealer: Most days I use this to cover up the bags under my eyes and the few small blemishes on my face.  It has great coverage and a little goes a long way.

Kat Von D Two Tone Blush: Out of all the brands out there I would have never chosen this line or color combination but I couldn’t be happier with the overall look.  The darker shade on the pallete gives your cheeks a great pop of color while the lighter shade highlights your cheeks bones.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara: I have small stumpy eyelashes and I have pretty much tried every mascara wand out there.  After just one stroke I can really see my lashes pop and as an added bonus it doesn’t smudge so you don’t end up with black under your eyes.

Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick: Typically I only wear lipstick when I’m out for a night with my girlfriends or my husband, but I wanted to find a color that I could wear on a daily basis without looking like I am trying too hard.  I opted for the Dusty Rose by Bite and it gives me that little something extra to make me look pulled together.

xo Ali