My Outfit Bag c/o Hobo The Original || Dress || Shoes || Sunglasses 
Addi’s Outfit: Overalls || Shoes || Bow
When I went on that first outing after I brought Addi home from the hospital I felt like I had to pack everything in her diaper bag “just in case” she needs five pacifiers, and ten of her favorite rattles, I had to be prepared.  Now that Addi is almost a year, (seriously, where has time gone!?), I think I pretty much having packing our essentials down to a science.  Yes, it occasionally changes when she has a new favorite toy, or like right now we are working on sippy cups instead of bottles, but for the most part I feel pretty prepared when I step out of the house.  
That’s why today I am excited to be teaming up with some amazing mom bloggers and Hobo The Original to share some of our our must haves when it comes to a diaper bag packing.  One thing I look for in the bag itself, is that, well, it isn’t a traditional diaper bag.  This Shelia bag is exactly what I am looking for in a carry-all for baby; and it has this super handy pocket on the outside that is perfect for stashing a bottle (or sippy cup!) on the go.  So when it comes to what I carry for my little one here are the must haves, whether we are headed to the park, or the grocery store:
1. Bag;
2. A few of these diapers;
3. These wipes are my favorite;
4. This hand sanitizer is perfect for when you are “on the go”, it’s gentile enough for you and baby, and it smells so good;
4. Addison loves buttons, so this is a must when we are out;
5. I can’t forget this;
6. This healing balm has helped with dry patches on Addi’s skin and diaper rash;
8. This sippy cup...I cannot say enough good things about it;
11. This diaper bag insert can transform any tote into the perfect organizer for your baby’s items;
12. And of course my wallet!
Don’t forget to check out what all the other ladies bring along in their diaper bags by checking out their blogs below.  We also have a fun announcement happening tonight at 7pm EST, so check back on my Instagram account then!

xo Ali