I love to travel.  Exploring new cities, visiting new restaurants and seeing some of the the most beautiful sites you can possibly imagine, sounds fabulous right?  While I love to travel, I hate the whole traveling process  Packing, getting through airport security, finding the right size carry-on, are just some of the things that stress me out.  This weekend I’m headed to Colorado to visit one of my very best friends, so it got me to thinking what I take along on a weekend getaway and what helps me ease my traveling stress.
1. The Right Carry-On: It seems as though they are always changing the restrictions on what constitutes a carry on size piece of luggage these days.  My former carry on is now considered “too large” by most airline standards so I recently purchased a set of this luggage and I am so incredibly happy I did.  In the airline approved carry on piece I fit :three pairs of shoes, clothing for three days, my laptop, toiletry bags and a lightweight jacket all with no problem.  The price tag is a little high, but when you find luggage that is cheap…it’s cheap for a reason. 
2. The Right Shoes:  I always give a lot of thought about what shoes I wear to the airport.  That may sound silly but most of the time I want to wear my bulkiest pair of shoes, that way I leave the most amount of room in my luggage for other things.  This weekend it happens to be this pair of sneakers (so glad this is now a trend again!), but if you are looking for an easy slide on option that can be paired with multiple outfits I definitely suggest these
3. An All Purpose Sweater: I get incredibly cold on planes, trains or really any form of mass transit.  When choosing how to layer your clothing I try and choose wisely and choose something I know I can wear a few times while on vacation. This sweater has been one of my favorites lately.  It’s casual but can also be dressed up with a cute blouse underneath, which makes it a great multi-use piece while away for the weekend. 
4. The Right “Product”: Hair products that is! A long day of travel can leave my thin and naturally oily hair me looking not so great, so I always travel with some dry shampoo.  I use this brand at home, but I usually travel with this one because it comes in a  travel size. 
5. A Crossbody Bag: When I’m with my little one I am usually carrying around a far too large diaper bag.  This weekend I am traveling without her, so I am enjoying the fact my shoulders are not sore from an overly stuffed tote.  When I can, I like to choose a medium sized cross body bag (more budget friendly option here) especially if I am boarding a plane.  If you can’t fit all your items in a crossbody, I suggest sicking a crossbody in a larger tote.  This gives you more room in your packed bag and it keeps your tote organized during your flight. 
If you are headed out of town this weekend comment below on where you are going. Also, there is still time to enter my giveaway on Instagram.  Head over to my account to find out how to win a  $100 gift card to Rosenberry Rooms.   Happy Friday everyone!

xo Ali