Bed || Rug || Lamps || Chair || Bedding || Quilt || Pillows 
Today I am so excited to share a peek inside a bedroom renovation I recently finished up for an awesome couple on Long Island. One of the first things my client said to me when I met with her was that she wanted to feel “relaxed” when she came up to bed at night.  Truthfully, I didn’t blame her, her old bedroom setup included big bulky pieces and some pretty dated green carpet.   After a few modifications to the space itself (new flooring, a raised ceiling, and adding a few extra inches by taking out some of the crawl space along the walls), along with all new furniture I think we definitely achieved that feeling of relaxation.  
The room itself had a small footprint, so with some clever storage and closet solutions in the walls of the room, we were able to get away with minimal furniture pieces, which worked out well since they wanted to upgrade to a king size bed.  This rug was one of the first pieces we decided on and from there we found the right balance of adding pops of blue with soothing grays.  
There are still a few more “odds and ends” that need to be added, but that can happen over time. Right now I know my clients are focusing on enjoying getting to sleep in their own bed again! If anyone is interested in revamping their living space be sure to check out my pricing page here.  I’ll be offering a 10% off discount through the end of the month to anyone who contacts me and/or takes my style quiz including the offer IBDSALE10.

xo Ali