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Lately I’ve been reflecting on a few things in my life that I would like to change.  Most of them are simple ways I can positively change my attitude and outlook on life, so in turn, I can be a better mom, wife and overall person.  I feel like this past year has been ALL about mom life, and while I am not complaining and I would happily do anything and everything for my daughter and my family, I am finally ready to take back a few small things that were all mine before I became a mom.  
I’m not talking about life altering changes, just small things like reading a book from start to finish, getting to spend a whole Saturday with my girlfriends, or even getting up 15 minutes earlier to have some quiet time to drink my coffee start my day off on a good note.  So, I’ve decided to make a “Summer Bucket List” of things I want to accomplish in the upcoming months and continue throughout the rest of the year to ultimately help reboot and rebalance my life.  My bucket list is as follows:
1. Reestablish a bi-weekly date night with my hubby: Ideally, I would like this to be a weekly thing, but I’m starting off slow.  With so much family around us it really is silly not to take advantage of free babysitting and take a night to ourselves. It could mean grabbing a slice of pizza or pulling out all the stops and hitting up our favorite spot in NYC;
2. Establishing A Gym Routine:  I am very inconsistent when it comes to working out.  There are weeks when I am diligent and I hit my three to four time a week goal and then I can go weeks where I do nothing.  As the weather warms up I am feeling motivated to try and hit the gym or do so some kind of exercise a least three times a week.  If I hit this goal maybe I’ll reward myself with some shiny new workout gear like this;
3. Reading at least four books from now until September:  Last year my BFF read over 100 books in a year, and this year she is looking to top that.  While my four books in the next four months seems like nothing compared to that, I honestly cannot remember the last time I actually read a book from cover to cover;
4. Spending more time with friends: I recently had a girls dinner with some other mom friends of mine and it was glorious! This one is a really important to me because my friends are like my family, and I couldn’t imagine life without them. I am going to make a larger effort to get in face time with my oldest and dearest friends because they are my sanctuary when life at home is getting crazy; 
5. Spend more time with our first “baby”, our fur-baby: Ok, any animal lovers out there know what I am talking about here.  When life gets busy and stressful sometimes our fur children get less attention than they probably should…am I right?  Our pup, Jackson, has been so amazing with everything this past year, that I really want to start giving him the one on one attention he deserves.  That means  a lot of morning beach trips in our near future; 
6. Take a few minutes each day for ME: This one seems really vague and honestly I am not sure exactly what this means yet, but I know it is something that has to happen.  I need some time that is free of crying babies, barking dogs, work emails, social media notifications and really is just about taking a deep breath and gathering my thoughts.  This might sound selfish, but it is very necessary.  I know this will be the most challenging for me, but I’ll keep you all posted on how it’s coming along.
I’m sure this list will grow and morph over the next few weeks and even months but in the meantime I’d love to hear what your bucket lists are, so leave some comments below! 
xo Ali