It has been just over a week since we closed on our new home and our renovation is well underway. While this first week has not been without its challenges and headaches, I wanted to give you a peek  of what the home looked like before and lay out  the scope of the project we are undertaking  before we move in at the beginning of January (fingers crossed!):


-New siding

-New windows

-New roof

-Tree removal

-Minimal tree/shrub planting


-New flooring

-Full kitchen renovation

-Renovation of two upstairs bathrooms

-Renovation of master bathroom

-Enclosing the walk in closet in the master bedroom

-Updating the living room fireplace

-New molding throughout

-Painting throughout

I know, this list seems incredibly long, but the good news is there was a lot of big ticket items that were brand new in the home including a new hot water heater, a new AC unit and ducting, a new internet based alarm system and a new in ground sprinkler system all installed or replaced in the last 2-3 years.

Based on the information from the previous owners, the house was originally built in the 1950’s and this half split level, half traditional colonial home got a “facelift”, including a large extension, in the early 1990’s.  So while there was nothing wrong with the home definitely it needed a little help in terms of design.  The usual layout and very modern appearance worked in our favor when it came to purchasing and negating on a price.  The neighborhood we are moving to is very traditional, and as is this home is a little out of place. I’ll be attempting to post regular progress and design updates here as well as over on my Instagram account using the hashtag #IBDForeverHomeProject.  For now, I hope you enjoy these lovely before photos!


xo Ali