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Since the day we brought Addison home from the hospital I have been on the hunt for skin and bath products that work well with her skin.  She has always had combination skin (like her mama), sometimes dry and definitely on the more sensitive side.  I ways always afraid to try something new in fear that it would cause some kind of crazy reaction.   And, from talking to other new moms I know I wasn’t the only one with this concern.

At my baby shower I received a basket of Mustela products so it was one of the first brands I tried on my little babe.  I was immediately in love with the way it made her skin feel and as an extra bonus it has a smell that just reminds of “clean and fresh.”  Now that Addison is almost two, we still use the 2 – in – 1 wash and the hydra bebe body cream on a regular basis.  My little lady is just in love with baths and showers, she is definitely my water baby and doesn’t care if the water comes in the form of a tub, shower head or pool.  Each night after dinner we ask her “are you ready for your bath?” She usually screams “yesssss batthhhhhh!”  We head upstairs and get all her rubber ducks and bath toys out and start the process.  Sometimes, if my husband cooked dinner I’ll let him take charge of bath time while I clean up, but most nights we are up there together watching her splash around and play.  It’s too adorable to miss.

 While I’ve tried other skin products on Addison, I always find myself coming back to the brand we love.  I also know that when baby #2 arrives later this summer, her changing table will be filled with little blue and white bottles because once you find something you love why mess with a  good thing?

xo Ali

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