With the holiday weekend coming up it’s hard to believe summer is fast approaching.  For our little family that also means only a few more weeks until our newest addition arrives and our worlds are changed for the better.  Officially, I have just over two months left, but since I am already being induced early, and baby girl is measuring between two and three weeks ahead, it’s looking like I have somewhere between six and seven weeks left to go, but if this baby girl is anything like her sister she will probably take her sweet ol’ time no matter what my doctor and I decide.

 As far as I’m concerned I have hit the stage in my pregnancy where the bump is just getting out of control and some days I feel like I just want to wear an oversized shirt and my husbands sweatpants and call it a day.  So, while finding outfits for right now is not so fun, looking for some new summer additions to my wardrobe for post baby has been one of my go to ways to pass the time (my life is so exciting…i know).  From what I remember with Addison, post pregnancy I just wanted to be in all the lose fitting,  outfits I could find.  So dresses like this have been high on my wish list.  I have also had my eye on this striped number and a few days ago I preordered it and can’t wait to try it on post baby.   Since my family also spends a lot of time at our beach house in the summer not wearing a bathing suit is probably not an option, so a cute colorful one piece is a must.  What items are on your summer wish list?  Leave your recommendations below I can’t wait to check them out!

xo Ali

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