Happy Friday and what a week it has been!  Baby girl decided she wanted to make her grand entrance 10 days early and Eleanor Sutton was born Monday morning  in a very exciting whirlwind of events.  I promise I will update you all on that in a much more detailed blog post in the coming weeks, but in the meantime if you have any questions feel free to email or message me I’d be more than happy to answer them.

Now, lets get down to business!  It is the official start of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and it is open to EVERYONE as of this morning.  If you follow along on my Instagram account  you may have seen a few products I picked up along the way, and you can read all about what I purcahsed during the early access part of the sale here.  I’ve been back on the site quite a few times today and it seems everything I have my eye on is either something I can wear while snuggling up at home or a cute sports bra or workout top that is seriously motivating me to want to get out and work on my post baby body.  Also, lets be honest, as a young mom of two kiddos these two categories of clothes are what I wear 99% of the time.

So, lets start with activewear. I already purcahsed these leggings and the high waist as been my best friend since returning home from the hospital.  I also have my eye on these and need to act fast because they are almost sold on in the green color (but don’t worry things tend to get restocked!).  Here is the rest of what is on my list:

Moving on to loungewear, I’m obsessing over all the cozy matching sets as well as oversized sweaters that have me counting down the days until chillier weather (well, not really…but you know…).  So far, this hooded open front cardigan is a sale favorite.  It is so soft and Eleanor nuzzles up against it all the time.  It makes me heart melt!  I’ve also had my eye on these favorites and I’m anxiously awaiting for a few to come back in stock in my size:
If you plan on shopping the sale I highly recommend doing it sooner rather than later.  Things sell out fast, in fact, a lot of things are sold out already.  The good news is that they are always restocking items and you might even notice a few new items added over the next few days.  If you want to see all my Nordstrom sale favorites head over to my “shop the boutique” page and happy Friday!
xo Ali