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Becoming A Family Of Four

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 Happy Monday everyone!  I know everyone says they love this time of year because of the weather, or pumpkin spice everything, or because they are just ready for a change of pace and a new routine, and while all of those things are pretty awesome, ever since having kids this time of year has been particularly fun because of all the activities we can do together as a family.  One of my favorites is pumpkin picking and a few weeks ago we headed out to the East End of Long Island to the cutest pumpkin patch called Hank’s Pumpkintown.  We got there around 4pm on a Friday evening and had the place almost all to ourselves, which with a toddler that likes space to run, was pretty awesome. Addison had free reign of all the fun jungle gyms and her pick of any pumpkin she wanted. Since becoming a family of four we have made it a point to do activities that might be more fun for her than her baby sister, because lets face, it babies take up a lot of mom and dad’s time and attention so we want her to know that we have time for special activities that are just for her.

While I wouldn’t trade my little family of four for the world, it definitely has been a big adjustment over here, and honestly, anyone that says adding a new kiddo to the family was a breeze is probably full of it.  Addison has been doing really well, but she definitely has her moments, and those moments tend to come just when I am sitting down to feed Ellie, or put Ellie down for a nap, or really when I am doing anything where my focus is just on baby Ellie.  I get it, for over two years she was the center of our world, and she still is, but now she has to share the spotlight with someone else.  Her favorite phrases are “put Ellie in the swing” or “don’t feed baby Ellie mommy,” and I know it’s just because she wants me to sit and play with her, but each time she says those things it breaks my heart a little.

In the first few weeks we had Ellie home I thought I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t be a mom to two because my focus was constantly being divided, and I didn’t think I could give each of my girls the attention they deserved.  I kept thinking that I would never get the quiet moments with Eleanor that I had with Addison, or that I would never again be able to sit and snuggle with Addison by myself without having to cut it short to feed her sister or change a poop explosion.  And, for the first few weeks that was definitely true, but over time a new “normal” started to develop.  I am able to sneak in an uninterrupted breastfeeding and snuggle session or two in the afternoon while Addison is taking a nap and I have made it a point to keep Eleanor home with our babysitter or drop Eleanor at my moms’ so I can Addison out of the house by herself, just her and I, at least once or twice a week.  We go to a kids gym class with friends, or take a solo trip to the park, or if the weather is bad we snuggle on the couch and read a few books without her baby sister around.

There are also things that Addison does as a big sister that seem so natural.  She has become a master of putting baby Ellie’s “fire” back in her mouth (what she calls the pacifier), and cannot go to bed a night or wake up in the morning without giving her sister a kiss and hug.  I also love that now that Ellie is recognizing our faces and the sound of our voice she literally lights up and smiles when her sister enters the room.  At just three months old it’s like she knows exactly who she is and their bond is so strong already. To all the moms out there who are worried about how they are going to handle going from one kid to two kids or even more, let me first say, “you got this!”, and then let me tell  you it just kind of happens.  I don’t know how to explain it, and for me it wasn’t a walk in the park and I still have a lot to learn, but one day you just wake up and it just all makes sense, and you know you can handle it. Eleanor will be three months tomorrow and I know I have said it before but it’s hard to remember what it was like as a family of three because life is definitely better as a family of four.

xo Ali

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9 Essentials For The Postpartum Mom


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Eleanor is just about three months old, so I thought it was about time I get this post up on the blog and share some of the items that helped during my recovery the first few weeks home.  I know, some of you are thinking none of these items look like necessities, and you are right, they aren’t really, but any new mom can back me up on this when you feel “put together” it makes your day go so much smoother, especially when you are trying to settle in to a new normal.

If you have been following along with me on the blog or on Instagram, you know I am giving breastfeeding a go  this time around.  I was sent this tank top from Bun Maternity along with another sweatshirt and they are both two of my favorite nursing pieces.  I actually packed the sweatshirt in my hospital bag, and have warn the tank top both around the house and out.  I like their products because you really cannot tell they are actual “nursing” items, which is a huge plus for me.

After I got home from the hospital I made a real effort to make sure I got showered “dressed” each day, even if that only meant changing into a pair of comfortable sweats and an oversized cardigan.  It also helped me feel like I was ready for visitors, which I very much embraced in the first few weeks and days after brining Eleanor home.

Once I felt comfortable enough to venture out of the house I was constantly looking for items in my closet that were nursing friendly.  Button front dresses were, and still are, my go to pick.   With the weather getting a bit colder wear these dresses with high boots or booties and layer it with a light jacket or cardigan.

Finally, my two secret weapons, if you will, were a good pair of high waisted jeans, and a baseball cap.  They sound simple enough but seriously, when I didn’t have time to wash my hair, and wanted to hide the post baby belly these were just what I needed.

Now that I am three months post baby I feel like I am starting to feel like my old “new” self again, but let me tell you those first few weeks were literally chaos, so anything that helped me feel more human, even just a little, I was all for it.  Now excuse me, while I go cry a little and snuggle up with Eleanor, because I cannot believe I have a three month old already!

xo Ali

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Fall Mornings

Fleece Sweater c/o Dudley Stephens || Jeans || Bag || Sneakers || Sunglasses ||Stroller

Happy October everyone! It finally feels like fall around here and that has me doing a little happy dance.  It was so gorgeous this weekend that we spent as much time as we could outside, going to the park,  putting new flowers around the house for fall (give me all the mums please!), and taking a few family walks around the neighborhood.  All in all I couldn’t have asked for a better, more relaxing way to spend the weekend.

And, because it is the first Monday of the month it means another addition of #MommyMonday and today we are talking about Dudley Stephens.  If you haven’t heard of them before you need to hop on over to their website.  This fleece that I am wearing is pretty much the perfect turtleneck for the changing weather.  The cut is just right and the quality is amazing.  When the package arrived at my house my mom happened to be over and I didn’t have the box open 30 seconds before she was trying it on.  Needless to say, I think I need to get her one of her own now!

I can totally see myself layering this with a vest as the temperatures dip a bit lower at night.  It will even be great as we head into the spring and early summer.  Along with my pullover, I am also loving this vest for the fall.

Don’t forget to head over to see how my other favorite stylish mammas have styled their Dudley Stephens pieces.





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xo Ali

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