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I don’t know about you guys but I kind of felt like the holidays crept up on me this year.  Summer seemed to come to an end and then in a blink of an eye it was Thanksgiving, and before I know it we will be opening presents on Christmas morning.  I guess that’s what happens when you have two active little ones to chase around and no longer have time to count down the days until Santa arrives…am I right?

You may have heard me mention this before but I cannot bring myself to decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving is over.  I can’t imagine enjoying turkey and stuffing while looking at a Christmas tree.  Maybe I’m weird, but it’s just a thing I have, and until this year we have always gotten a real tree so putting it up early was never even an option.  Well, this year we caved,  it probably has to do with the fact I’m still on crutches, and that I’m tired of cleaning up pine needles, but we ordered this tree and as soon as Thanksgiving was over we had it set up in our living room.  After the tree was up we slowly brought out the rest of the decor and I have to tell you it definitely got the whole family into the holiday spirit.

One thing I am loving about our new (fake) tree is the white tips on the branches.  It makes me feel like winter is officially here, and we should be roasting marshmallows by the fire.  I am also really excited about the way our mantle turned out.  It’s pretty simple with just our stockings, holders and a pretty garland, but adding the pops of red with pillows and these adorable trucks I found at Target add the finishing touch.

I’ve also been asked a few times about how we handle having a toddler and a Christmas tree all at the same time.  Well, to be honest, we have been firm believers of teaching Addison, and eventually Eleanor, that some things are OK to touch and some things aren’t. The tree is one of those things we look at but don’t touch.  Most of what is in our living room isn’t really “toddler friendly”,  but I have never been worried that she will destroy items, or pull our decor down.  We obviously keep a close on her, but so far no accidents!

Don’t worry, if you haven’t gotten around to decorating for the holidays just yet, you still have plenty of time. I have linked some of my favorite decor items below, and most of them are super budget friendly!  Happy Wednesday, we have made it halfway through the week!


xo Ali

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