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As a little kid the holidays at home were pretty magical.  I know that sounds really corney and like I am exaggerating, but looking back our house was always dressed with wreaths and red bows and our Christmas tree was more of a work of art than just a tree.  On Christmas morning the house always smelled of Christmas candles, cookies and coffee and we took our time opening presents going around in a circle oo-ing and ahh-ing as one by one we each worked through our little pile under the tree.   I never really thought about the time and effort that my parents put in to making the weeks and days leading up to Christmas so special until Brian and I moved into our first house.  All of a sudden I wanted the house to smell the same, look the same and feel the same, but it was just different.

Then we had Addison, and my desire to re-create the magic at home went to an all new level.  I remember the first Christmas with her at home we had all our stockings hung and the tree was dressed just right, but Christmas didn’t really feel like Christmas until we stepped into my parents home on Christmas morning.  It was strange because here I was with my own little family and yet I still wanted to be “home.”

For 29 years we have always been at my parents together on Christmas Eve  and Christmas Day.  Even after I got married we somehow made it work and we at one point did three separate Christmas mornings at three different houses just to make sure nothing changed too much.  This year we will be altering our plans a bit and while I am so very excited to start some new traditions as a family of four a part of me is longing for the Christmases I had as a little girl.  I guess that is a part of growing up and building a family and life of your own.  Things change, but sometimes if you let it happen they can change for the better.  One thing I know for sure is when Addison and Eleanor wake up to see if Santa came to visit our house will be decked out with wreaths and ribbons, candles will be burning and cookies and coffee will be served.

Oh, and if you are wondering about what I might be drinking my coffee in on Christmas morning, it’s safe to say these mugs from MacKenzie Childs will be with me as we open presents around the tree.  The pattern just reminds me of the holidays and I love a coffee mug that allows for a generous pour (this mama needs her caffeine fix in the mornings!).   MacKenzie Childs has so many fun and festive items on her site that would make great gifts for you or someone else this holiday season.  Be sure to check out how my other favorite mama’s use their MacKenzie Childs items during the holiday season.




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(Thank you to MacKenzie Childs for these beautiful mugs and tea kettle!  All thoughts and opinions are my own. )


xo Ali

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