One of my favorite and least favorite parts of the day is bath time.  As a mom this part of the day can get really hectic and there are times when I think, “how do people keep their kids clean?” That might be a bit dramatic, but I know other moms can relate. This dislike of bath time started when Addison was little.  I loved that she loved the water. and there are few things cuter than a freshly bathed baby in footie pajamas, but the whole process of getting her in and out of the bath seemed to overshadow the fun parts.  I disliked it that much more because it is one of those things that has to happen pretty much every evening.    But mostly, I disliked it because I could never find a bath seat that actually worked, or one that seemed comfortable for her to sit in.  So when Ellie came along, I was stuck in the same bath loathing rut.  That’s a thing right?

When I was introduced to the new My Bath Seat by Summer Infant, I was a bit skeptical of how useful it would be, but since Ellie was getting too large for a sink bath I thought I should at least give it a try.  As you can see by these adorable photos the seat was a big hit with my little girl.  Right away I knew there were things I really like about this seat, the first being that after installing it in our tub it was so sturdy.  Once I tightened and locked the sides in place it is really hard to move.  This is exactly what I wanted to see and in a seat that I would be putting my little girl in.  Second, I like that the actual seat part was big enough for her to grow into.  As Ellie gets older I know she will become more stable sitting up on her own in the tub, but the last thing I would want is her falling back hitting her head, so I can definitely see myself using this for a while.  Finally, taking it in and out of the tub if I need to is also really easy and the compact size makes it easy to tuck away in a closet when you don’t want it out in the bathroom.

Like most moms, I’m a huge fan of any products that make daily tasks much easier and more manageable and this bath seat definitely checks both of those boxes.  I am slowly coming around to bath time each night and while it may never be my favorite time of day, but I have to say it is growing on me.  Finally, don’t forget, to ALWAYS keep baby within an adult’s reach when using this seat.

(Thank you to Summer Infant for sponsoring this post and providing me with the My Bath Seat.  All opinions are my own!)

xo Ali