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Tree (another option here) || Ball Ornaments || Stocking Holders || Stockings (old, another option here) || Garland (another option here) || Nutcracker || Christmas Cars || Christmas Pillow

Addi’s & Ellie’s Top || Addi’s & Ellie’s Pants || Addi’s Bow || Ellie’s Bow

I don’t know about you guys but I kind of felt like the holidays crept up on me this year.  Summer seemed to come to an end and then in a blink of an eye it was Thanksgiving, and before I know it we will be opening presents on Christmas morning.  I guess that’s what happens when you have two active little ones to chase around and no longer have time to count down the days until Santa arrives…am I right?

You may have heard me mention this before but I cannot bring myself to decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving is over.  I can’t imagine enjoying turkey and stuffing while looking at a Christmas tree.  Maybe I’m weird, but it’s just a thing I have, and until this year we have always gotten a real tree so putting it up early was never even an option.  Well, this year we caved,  it probably has to do with the fact I’m still on crutches, and that I’m tired of cleaning up pine needles, but we ordered this tree and as soon as Thanksgiving was over we had it set up in our living room.  After the tree was up we slowly brought out the rest of the decor and I have to tell you it definitely got the whole family into the holiday spirit.

One thing I am loving about our new (fake) tree is the white tips on the branches.  It makes me feel like winter is officially here, and we should be roasting marshmallows by the fire.  I am also really excited about the way our mantle turned out.  It’s pretty simple with just our stockings, holders and a pretty garland, but adding the pops of red with pillows and these adorable trucks I found at Target add the finishing touch.

I’ve also been asked a few times about how we handle having a toddler and a Christmas tree all at the same time.  Well, to be honest, we have been firm believers of teaching Addison, and eventually Eleanor, that some things are OK to touch and some things aren’t. The tree is one of those things we look at but don’t touch.  Most of what is in our living room isn’t really “toddler friendly”,  but I have never been worried that she will destroy items, or pull our decor down.  We obviously keep a close on her, but so far no accidents!

Don’t worry, if you haven’t gotten around to decorating for the holidays just yet, you still have plenty of time. I have linked some of my favorite decor items below, and most of them are super budget friendly!  Happy Wednesday, we have made it halfway through the week!


xo Ali

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The Stylish Mama’s Guide To The Holidays: Holiday Traditions with Mackenzie Childs

Tea Kettle: c/o Mackenzie Childs || Mugs: c/o Mackenzie Childs || Sweater || Tray

As a little kid the holidays at home were pretty magical.  I know that sounds really corney and like I am exaggerating, but looking back our house was always dressed with wreaths and red bows and our Christmas tree was more of a work of art than just a tree.  On Christmas morning the house always smelled of Christmas candles, cookies and coffee and we took our time opening presents going around in a circle oo-ing and ahh-ing as one by one we each worked through our little pile under the tree.   I never really thought about the time and effort that my parents put in to making the weeks and days leading up to Christmas so special until Brian and I moved into our first house.  All of a sudden I wanted the house to smell the same, look the same and feel the same, but it was just different.

Then we had Addison, and my desire to re-create the magic at home went to an all new level.  I remember the first Christmas with her at home we had all our stockings hung and the tree was dressed just right, but Christmas didn’t really feel like Christmas until we stepped into my parents home on Christmas morning.  It was strange because here I was with my own little family and yet I still wanted to be “home.”

For 29 years we have always been at my parents together on Christmas Eve  and Christmas Day.  Even after I got married we somehow made it work and we at one point did three separate Christmas mornings at three different houses just to make sure nothing changed too much.  This year we will be altering our plans a bit and while I am so very excited to start some new traditions as a family of four a part of me is longing for the Christmases I had as a little girl.  I guess that is a part of growing up and building a family and life of your own.  Things change, but sometimes if you let it happen they can change for the better.  One thing I know for sure is when Addison and Eleanor wake up to see if Santa came to visit our house will be decked out with wreaths and ribbons, candles will be burning and cookies and coffee will be served.

Oh, and if you are wondering about what I might be drinking my coffee in on Christmas morning, it’s safe to say these mugs from MacKenzie Childs will be with me as we open presents around the tree.  The pattern just reminds me of the holidays and I love a coffee mug that allows for a generous pour (this mama needs her caffeine fix in the mornings!).   MacKenzie Childs has so many fun and festive items on her site that would make great gifts for you or someone else this holiday season.  Be sure to check out how my other favorite mama’s use their MacKenzie Childs items during the holiday season.




We will also be giving away $250 worth of MacKenzie Childs products tonight over on Instagram.  Be sure to check our accounts at 9pm EST for all the details!


(Thank you to MacKenzie Childs for these beautiful mugs and tea kettle!  All thoughts and opinions are my own. )


xo Ali

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Our Thanksgiving Table

Napkins || Napkin Holders ||Utensils || Chargers || Glasses (old, similar here) |Plates || Chairs 

I cannot believe we are so close to celebrating another Thanksgiving day with our family.  This year is the first time we are officially hosting at our house, so I figured I should probably get my act together and start building a collection festive holiday table decor.  I never really thought about all the things you need when entertaining for a holiday and in all the years we have been celebrating Christmas or Easter at my parents house my mom just seemed to have everything she needed, so I guess over time you just build up a stash of cute holiday items, right?

  When I was looking around online there is so many cute  patterns for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I thought I should probably look at the bigger picture and pick something that could potentially be used for more than one holiday. I found this cute bowl and plate set at Pier 1 and from there everything else came together.  My thought is, these plates and bowls can be used for numerous occasions along withe the flatware and chargers and then I can switch out things like napkinsnapkin holders, table runners, or glasses depending on the holiday we are celebrating.

Since right now I am also off my feet for another few weeks I also needed to create a tablescape that was simple but festive at the same time.  Adding these cute pumpkins and simple greens really made the table come alive.  We will be adding a few more settings and connecting a larger table on Thanksgiving Day but all in all this is what the table will look like as we sit down and give thanks for another inspiring, beautiful and blessed year.

If anyone is looking for some last minute Thanksgiving items or searching for some holiday decor for Christmas head over to Pier1 they are currently running 25% off all items in store and online.  I will probably be making a few more purchases this upcoming week. Next on the list, food prep…but who am I kidding because my husband is going to be working his magic in the kitchen this Thanksgiving :).


xo Ali

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access Starts Today!

I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely like it’s Christmas in July over here because today is the first day of early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  If you are a Nordstrom credit or debit card holder (or have a friend, mom, dad, aunt, distant cousin that has one!)  you get to preview and purchase all of the items from their sale before it’s open to the public on July 21st.

Before you shop: It might sound silly but this sale can get a bit overwhelming so it’s always good to have a plan before starting to shop.  For me, I first like to take inventory in my closet and say what do I  “need” or are their items I have been on the hunt for? Next, I really like to keep the items i purchase under $100.  I do make an exception for the perfect pair of jeans and handbags, but when it comes to shoes, dresses and tops there are so many awesome options at that price point.  This year I will also be looking for items that will work on my post baby body as the end of summer approaches and we head into the fall. So for you it might be that you are starting a new job, or you have a specific event coming up like a wedding, or bridal shower.

Over the next weeks I’ll be sharing more of my favorites from this sale but for now here are some of my top choices in clothing, shoes, and accessories. Time to shop!







Maybe it’s because I haven’t worn jeans in so long, but when I saw this pair I knew they were a must have.  I love the distressed look with the cropped bottom.



Remember when I talked about items I have been looking for, for a while?  These boots are a total splurge BUT I have been eyeing a pair similar and now that these are on sale I might have to pull the trigger and make the purchase


With a new baby arriving shortly I can’t help but pick up a few cute things for her and her big sister.  These bows are amazing and so soft for a new baby.  A girl can never have too many bows right?


I have been working on filling in a few corners of our house with odds and ends that will make it feel complete.  Sometimes people forget that Nordstrom has a great home decor department especially when it comes to cute decorative objects.  I also find it a good time to stock up on fun housewarming or host/hostess gifts.

 You can also head over to my “Shop The Boutique” page to see all my favorites in one spot.  I’ll be updating it regularly as items sell out.  And remember, early access is from July 13- July 20, then it opens to the general public on July 21-August 6.  Happy shopping everyone!

xo Ali
Wednesday Wishlist: Outdoor Oasis


 1. || 2. || 3. || 4. || 5. || 6. || 7. || 8. || 9. || 10.

Since it looks like the cold weather is behind us, I can finally start to focus on finishing up what I like to call “phase two” of our home renovation, the exterior.  When we purchased the house we  had to take out every single tree and shrub in the front, along the back fence and along the side of the driveway because they were all dead.  It was a little overwhelming to see the house completely “bare” but it means we have a clean slate when it comes to what trees and flowers we plant.  After seeing the entirely exposed house we also realized we wanted to re-side, add white trim and replace every window (we also had to replace the roof but that was something we expected).

I am in love with how the front exterior turned out, but along with spring planting we will also be focusing on replacing the rails on our two tier deck in the back, since they are brown, to match the new white trim in the front.  We are hoping to create a cozy lounge area under the covered lanai so we can spend evenings out there enjoying time with family and friends.  With that in mind, I have been searching all over the internet and in every store I can think of to find the perfect setup that won’t cost us an arm and a leg.

So far, this comfortable looking sectional from Joss & Main is total front runner and after seeing this rug on a picture I found on Pinterest, I was so excited when I found out it was out major sale on Anne Selke.  I have settled on the light blue and rustic wood color palette and I hope to have the same look and feel on the upper level of our deck where our BBQ is.  There,  we plan on putting a large outdoor dining table and maybe a few more chairs to lounge in.  I have been looking forward to finishing up this part of our renovation for awhile now and it is making me so excited for the warmer months ahead.  If anyone has any suggestions on easy to maintain outdoor plants send them my way I know nothing about flowers and trees, other than what I think looks pretty!

xo Ali

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Deals Deals Deals!

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope most of you are enjoying an extra day off, or at least enjoying a stress free morning.  During holiday weekends it is hard to escape the promotions and emails that come your way claiming exceptional savings and once in a lifetime deals.  While some of that may be true, it is sometimes hard to determine which sales to shop and which to pass up.  But, don’t worry, I’ve spent some time (probably too much time) this weekend checking compiling a list of where to shop for you, your home and even your kiddos.

I’ll be paying close attention to those home sales because we have so many spaces to still fill in the house.  This sale has been high on my list and I will probably pick up some throw pillows I have been eyeing as well as these gold frames that I plan on using to create a gallery wall in our living room. But, that doesn’t mean I won’t be checking out some deals for myself, Addison or even the little nugget arriving later this year.  So grab a hot cup of coffee and get cozy because you won’t want to miss any of these deals!

Home Decor:

AllModern: 15% off using code GEORGE

Anthropologie: 40% off sale items (no code needed)

Hayneedle: Up to 60% off select items (no code needed)

Overstock: Up to 60% off select items (no code needed)

Pottery Barn: Up to 30% off your entire purchase (no code needed)

Rejuvenation: 20% off lighting, dining and hardware (no code needed)

Target: 30% off select furniture with code PRESIDENT

West Elm: 20% off your purchase using code FREEBIE

World Market: All bedroom furniture on sale (no code needed)

For Him & Her

Anthropologie: An extra 40% off sale items (no code needed)

Banana Republic: 40% off your entire purchase (no code needed)

Bloomingdales: 25% off your purchase with your Bloomingdales card with code NEWARRIVALS

Gap: 40% off your order with code PRESDAY

ILYCouture: 20% off site wide with code PRESIDENT

J.Crew: 30% off your purchase with code WEEKEND

Nordstrom: Up to 40% off winter sale items (no coded needed)

Old Navy: 50% off site wide (no code needed)

Target: 10% off select items with code PRESIDENT

For The Littles:

Gap: 40% off your order with code PRESDAY

ILYCouture: 20% off with code PRESIDENT

Lou Lou and Company: 40% off bows with code BOWS

Nordstrom: Up to 40% off winter sale items (no code needed)

Old Navy: 50% off site wide (no code needed)

Target: 10% off select times with code PRESIDENT



xo Ali


It has been just over a week since we closed on our new home and our renovation is well underway. While this first week has not been without its challenges and headaches, I wanted to give you a peek  of what the home looked like before and lay out  the scope of the project we are undertaking  before we move in at the beginning of January (fingers crossed!):


-New siding

-New windows

-New roof

-Tree removal

-Minimal tree/shrub planting


-New flooring

-Full kitchen renovation

-Renovation of two upstairs bathrooms

-Renovation of master bathroom

-Enclosing the walk in closet in the master bedroom

-Updating the living room fireplace

-New molding throughout

-Painting throughout

I know, this list seems incredibly long, but the good news is there was a lot of big ticket items that were brand new in the home including a new hot water heater, a new AC unit and ducting, a new internet based alarm system and a new in ground sprinkler system all installed or replaced in the last 2-3 years.

Based on the information from the previous owners, the house was originally built in the 1950’s and this half split level, half traditional colonial home got a “facelift”, including a large extension, in the early 1990’s.  So while there was nothing wrong with the home definitely it needed a little help in terms of design.  The usual layout and very modern appearance worked in our favor when it came to purchasing and negating on a price.  The neighborhood we are moving to is very traditional, and as is this home is a little out of place. I’ll be attempting to post regular progress and design updates here as well as over on my Instagram account using the hashtag #IBDForeverHomeProject.  For now, I hope you enjoy these lovely before photos!


xo Ali
Inspired By…Designs: Going Green, Forever Home Update

Going Green- Living Room Inspo graphic

(Images Via)

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a forever home update so, with less than a week until we close (eek!), I thought I would fill you in on some ideas I am putting together for our  living room design.  For a long as I could remember I’ve been obsessed with the idea of a green velvet sofa.  I’m not sure why, but it is just one of those things that I have always had in the back of my mind that I would have in my home.  While I would love to indulge my every wish, a green sofa just isn’t in the cards. But, what I am planning are some really cool green chairs (in jade) paired with this beautiful leather sofa that I have had my eye on for awhile as well.  While this is our “formal” living room, these is noting formal about the way we live.  I would never want people walking into our house and feeling as if they can’t kick back and relax.  Mixing neutral browns, black and grays with the pop of green and gold accents will also give me blend of masculine and feminine and will transition into the rest of home nicely.

These chairs and sofa are probably more than I would have liked to spend, but our living room is the first room people will see when they enter our home.  We have been saving and planning for this for this house for awhile now and I really want it to be just right.  I did get to take advantage of some of the sales that happened this weekend  and got a bit of a deal on the green chairs, as well as these side tables and this rug that starts around $100!.  I will probably hold off on the sofa and see if I have better luck during the amazing sales that happen during Black Friday.  See the thumbnails below to see what else I am planning for our living room and when we close on Tuesday I’ll be sharing a first look inside our new home, as well as a bunch of before pictures on my IG Stories! 

xo Ali

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Inspired By…Designs: Ordering Upholstered Furniture Online

(Image Via)

As someone who not only does most of her shopping online, but also relies on other shopping online for a large portion of her business I love that you can pretty much get anything and everything these days with the click of a few buttons.  But, I do understand when clients come to me and say “are you sure it is going to look like that in person.”  There is something about touching and feeling a piece of furniture or a pillow before committing and ordering it for your home.  So, with that in mind I’ve rounded up five of my favorite online retailers that allow you to order fabric swatches, so you know exactly what you are getting before you click “add to cart.”

AllModern: Up until recently I had only browsed around on this site and never actually purchased anything.  Then, late last year I ordered an accent chair and I have to say they have an amazing selection of furniture and home decor items.  Recently I came across this chair and I ordered a few swatch samples and just fell in love with the Reserve Jade option.  I think two of these will fit perfectly in our new living room!

Ballard Designs: If you love farmhouse chic then this site is definitely for you.  From bedroom furniture to accents for your kitchen you can really find it all here.  I’m trying to find a set a counter stools for our kitchen and I think I have settled on this option.  But I also ordered some fabric swatches in various shades of blue because these chairs are just beautiful.

Restoration Hardware: While I definitely think this retailer is on the pricier end, you can’t beat the quality and beautiful designs.  Depending on the sample you might have a pay (only $3-$5 per sample), but it is definitely worth it. Right now I am looking at headboards for our master bedroom, and can’t wait for my samples to arrive.

West Elm: If you have been following me for awhile now you know my love affair with West Elm.  I recently scored this oversized ottoman at the outlet by me, but I can assure you there will be a piece (or five) from their site in our new place.

Caitlin Wilson Design : This online retailer is pretty new to me but her selection of rugs definitely caught my eye. I ordered this rug sample in a few different colors originally thinking it would be great in our kitchen, but now I want to put one in every room.  She also has pillows, wallpaper and other textiles and I highly recommend checking out her website.

Committing to a piece of furniture for your home can be a huge decision, but hopefully you can put your mind at ease knowing you can find great options online that let you “try before you buy” :).

xo Ali
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Home Decor Picks

1. ||  2. || 3. || 4. || 5. || 6. || 7. || 8

Hopefully by now you have heard that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale preview is underway from now until July 21st.  For all of you that have a Nordstrom Card you can get early access to some of the most insane deals on both summer and fall fashion and if you don’t have a card the sale opens to the public on July 22nd.   But, what you might not have realized are all items that are all on sale for your home.

This sale could not have come at a better since since we will be closing on our new home in a few short weeks (ah!).  While I am not 100% decided on decor choices yet, I have a pretty good idea of the colors I want to use in each room.  I scooped up this basket that I will probably use in Addison’s play room, and I have been eyeing this rug that I currently sitting in my shopping cart for our guest bedroom.  I also picked up a few of these marble cutting boards for myself and a few extra to use as hostess gifts for the holidays, because at $35 the price is hard to beat!

I can’t wait to pick up some of my online purchases in store today, so follow along on my Intagram to see what I bought!

xo Ali

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